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Tri Jet 6208 Fogger or mister from Fogmaster

Tri Jet 6208 Fogger or mister from Fogmaster Tri Jet 6208 fogger or mister from Fogmaster. A Durable General Purpose Fogger. The time proven Tri Jet 6208 fogger serves the needs of a wide range of uses for both indoor and outdoor application. Food plants hotels barns parks and hospitals are just a few examples of sites which depend on the Tri Jet 6208 fogger for effective treatment. This pioneering unit now in its fourth decade of service provides the standard of reliability against which other foggers are measured. The Tri jet 6208 fogger from Foogmaster is in daily use for such diverse applications as controlling odors disinfecting and sanitizing carpet mildew control flood and fire damage restoration controlling mosquitos flies and other insects dispensing water for humidification and dust control and a host of innovative applications. The portable tri jet 6208 is a cold fogger it handles both water and oil based solutions and has a one turn control knob to adjust particle size and degree of misting. The dispensing rate is easy to calibrate in the field to compensate for differences in liquid density or viscosity. The Tri Jet 6208 fogging head can be adjusted at up or down angles as required. Made of durable aluminum its lightweight but tough enough to justify its five year limited warranty. SPECIFICATIONS Motor 1 Hp 120 Volt AC DC 7 amp Optional 240V 3.5 amp Fogging Nozzle. Three counter rotating vortex nozzles Particle Size 15 to 30 micron VMD adjustable. Chemicals handles both oil and water based chemical solutions. Liquid viscosity and density affect particle size distribution. Liquid Flow Rate 0 to 10 oz per min 0 to 300 ml per min adjustable. Tank Capacity 1 gallon or 4 liters. Materials of Construction Power head housing and tank aluminum. Tubing fuel and oil resistant vinyl fittings and control valve brass. Nozzle Celcon Dimensions H x L x Diameter 15.4 x 12.5 x 8.6 in 39 x 32 x 22 cm Shipping Weight 12 pounds. Warranty Period Five years for the tri jet 6208 fogger. Discounts for 5 or more tri jet 6208 foggers or mister from Fogmaster. Discounts will show when ordering.
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