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HydroMaster 220 16.8 GPM Flow wall or drum mount

HydroMaster 220  16.8 GPM Flow wall or drum mount Hydromaster 220 will dilute product from 8 parts water with 1 part concentrate to finish with 6 parts total. For this dilution product must be water thin and have a weight close to water. Products may be diluted up to 1136 parts water to 1 part concentrate. This HydroMaster 220 is for extremely high volume water flow. 16.8 gallons per minute incoming water flow. Manual mixing of concentrates with water is time consuming and imprecise the strength of the diluted solution may be too strong one time and too weak the next. Automatic dilution with the Hydromaster 220 takes this variability out of the cleaning system so the concentrated cleaning product consistently delivers maximum performance. Any size container of concentrate can be used with the HydroMaster because there is no need to tip the container to pour the contents. HydroMasters use water power not electricity so concentrates do not have to be located near outlets just within a hose reach of a water source. Concentrates are safer to use with the Hydromaster 220 too. Exposure to the concentrated product is limited only to those times when the proportioner is being moved from one concentrate container to another. Discounts for 5 or more hydromaster 220. Larger discounts for 10 or more. Discounts will show when ordering.
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