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Ready Mix concrete truck cleaner low pH 50 gallon drum

Ready Mix concrete truck cleaner low pH 50 gallon drum Ready Mix concrete truck cleaner. A clear green liquid low fuming high foaming acid detergent compound for removal of concrete plaster rust scale grease oil and road film. For cleaning Ready Mix trucks cement brick floors forms windows door frames tools and other cement handling equipment. Harmless to paint rubber windshields and ordinary glass. Removes and cleans a wide range of deposits and soils quickly. Can be diluted for economical use 1 part to 6 parts water. Reduced hazard to user and surfaces. This ready mix truck cleaner contains a combination of acids detergents wetting and penetrating agents. Contains a odor control agent to reduce fumes. R.M.T.C. is inhibited against attacking most metals and paint when used in diluted form. Proprietary blend of corrosion inhibitor protects metals by forming a corrosion resistant film on their surface. R.M.T.C. is uniquely effective and will protect copper copper alloys and silver. Aluminum and steel are also protected. Requires only 3 to 5 ppm to prevent copper and steel corrosion. This ready mix truck cleaner is safe on copper wiring to lights aluminum light brackets and protects steel surfaces. 50 gallon drum. Discounts for 5 50 gallon drums of ready mix concrete truck cleaner. Large discounts for 10 or more. Will show discounts when ordering. Cannot ship UPS.
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